Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Holy Week

This coming up Sunday is Palm Sunday! We actually learned all about Palm Sunday on Week 2. Last week (Week 3), we read about the Last Supper and had Communion together. We were even able to watch a video that talked about how Jesus wants us to serve others. You can see it here:

For the next 2 weeks, we'll be learning about the Most Important Part of the Bible, when Jesus died on the Cross and then rose again! As usual, we will be doing the palm frond craft this week because Palm Sunday just wouldn't be the same without a palm leaf made out of green construction paper.

A couple of things that I need to talk about are our end of the quarter party and our Discipleship Awards. Last quarter, our class earned enough D-Points to get donuts and chocolate milk at our end of the quarter party (Yay!). We will be having our party on Easter Sunday. It will be a combination class party and Easter celebration. I will also be handing out Discipleship Awards at this time. If you and your kids have been doing a great job at home with your Discipleship Goals, be sure to let me know! That way I can make sure that they get a Discipleship Award on Easter. The easiest thing to do is to write me an email letting me know what kinds of things you guys are doing at home to fulfill your Discipleship Goals. On Easter, I'll share this with the class when I present your child's award.

Also, there will be more services than usual on Easter Sunday. Our class will be meeting during the 8:30 service! So if your child wants to participate in our party and receive their Discipleship Award, make sure you come to the right service! If you can't attend the 8:30 service, but still want your child to receive an award, let me know and I can present it to them during the following Sunday.

See you Sunday!

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